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The Right Laptop Choice for a Round the World Trip

Working online has huge benefits like working wherever and whenever you want. These benefits allow me to ┬átravel around the world for the next 12 months. The only downside of working online is that you always need to have a good internet connection and a computer. Unfortunately I can’t do much about the internet connection … Continue reading »

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Defeating Fear

The worst thing about the human mind is that whatever it tells you, you probably believe it. It is your own mind, so why wouldn’t you trust it? If your mind is wrong, then it is stupid. If your mind is stupid, then you are too. Right? Wrong! Your mind often tries to protect you … Continue reading »

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Restarting and Rebooting for Success

It’s monday. Not only monday, but also the first monday of the month. That means it is payday. I take this as a chance to start new. Since my last post I struggled heavily with my work schedule. Basically, I was a lazy bum. I only did the work I really had to do and … Continue reading »

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Scheduling for success

I didn’t listen to a podcast this morning and spent most of my mind walks on the phone with my brother and business partner so I didn’t have a lot of time for new mind boggling revelations. However I have changed a few things during the last days that I want to share: I made … Continue reading »

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You can do anything!

This morning I did my daily routine again and went fr a walk, even though it rained a bit. I am a little proud of myself, because I fought my instict to stay in because of the bad weather. I also got up early which is also a success I am really happy about. I … Continue reading »

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