1 of 1000: Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

seattle pike street market
Pice Place Market in Seattle

This is the third time that I visited Pike Place Market and there is no way I am getting tired of it. This place is full of fresh fruit stands, the amazing yelling fish vendors, dozens of tiny shops with weird things and many, many stands of local artists trying to sell their art to the rush of tourists and locals.

The whole experience is enhanced by buskers (street performers) who play their hearts out in the hope of being the next superstar. One group of musicians you might catch is the  a Capella gospel singers in front of the very first Starbucks who seem to be there every day.

fish market pike street
The famous fish throwers

Art lovers and people who enjoy fresh produce will be delighted by Pike Place Market because the policy of the market is “meet the producer”. This means that (apart from few exceptions) the vendors are only allowed to sell their own goods.

Like with any market, there isn’t really much to write about as the whole experience can not be grasped by words.

Why Is Pike Place Market 1 Of The 1000 Places?

With Pike Place Market it is not so much about the market itself, but about the entire setting of it. Right in downtown Seattle.

artist seattle
Art and music – this is Seattle

A place in the biggest city in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and yet it has such a quiet and relaxed vibe that makes you think you are in the most industrial hippie town on earth.

There is music and street art everywhere you look and the only thing people seem to be worried about is where to get their next coffee (no wonder this is the birthplace of Starbucks).

Strolling through Pike Place Market is a mix between a visit to a modern art museum, a concert of some soon-to-be-famous-musician and a market where people can buy fresh fish and produce to their hearts desire.

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