Gorge Wildlife Park, Adelaide

Cuddle a Koala and more: The Gorge Wildlife Park, Adelaide

Kangaroos at Gorge Wildlife Park
Kangaroos at Gorge Wildlife Park

Our last few post have all been places that were listed as one of the 1000 Places To See Before You Die. Of course we are not only travelling from place to place but we’re also seeing quite a few places that are worth mentioning. One of those places is the Gorge Wildlife Park in Adelaide.

Get ready for some awesome pictures!

If you have wondered why we haven’t posted anything about Adelaide and Melbourne, well the simple reason is that these cities are nice, but not so special that it is worth writing about. The Gorge Wildlife Park on the other hand really blew us away.

Gorge Wildlife Park or Cleland Wildlife Park?

white kangaroo
Shortbread biscuit - yummy

We were faced with that decision as both parks cost almost the same ($15 and $18 respectively), both have areas where you can pet kangaroos and they both offer the chance to cuddle a koala, which I really wanted to do 🙂

Since cuddling the koala cost another 30 bucks extra at the Cleland Wildlife Park, we decided to go to Gorge. And what a great decision that was!

The Gorge Wildlife Park has lots of Australian animals like kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, a spectacular variety of parrots and cockatoos, emus and many more. Additionally the spice it up with some more exotic animals from other parts of the world like monkeys, an alligator and even a puma. I don’t really care for the puma being there, because the cage is much too small for a big animal like that.

Pet a Kangaroo and Cuddle a Koala

cuddle a koala
Cuddle a koala

We got there early in the morning right after they opened at 9am and for 1 ½ hours we were the only visitors in there. It was awesome. We had all kangaroos all to ourselves.

There is a huge area with different types of kangaroos and wallabies running around and you can pet them, feed them and take funny pictures with them. As soon as they see that you have food, you won’t even have to walk to them – they will follow you everywhere J

Three times a day (if it isn’t too hot) they zookeepers will bring out a koala for the visitors to hold and take photos with. And I think in this case the typical expression of a teenage American girl is absolutely right: OMG, they are so totally cute. I guess you have to imagine that being said with a teenage girly voice.

You can only hold the koala for a minute, because there are lots of people that want to do that as well, but it is well worth it to see a koala up close. And guess what, they smell like Eucalyptus.

So if you are in the Adelaide area, you might want to stop by and see the Gorge Wildlife Park. Go in the morning, so you will have the kangaroos all to yourself for a while.

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  1. Thanks so much for the info. We were visiting from the U.S. The cuddling of the koala was fabulous and the zookeepers so kind. We walked among the wallabies and I even saw a joey peeking out of her mother’s pouch. thought the kangaroos were all behind fences when we were there. The drive down from the park was also wonderful as you see the city of Adelaide and the Ocean.

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