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The last couple of years, we spent a whole lot of time traveling and exploring the world. Through this blog, we were able to share parts of that with you. The goal of this entire blog was to share our travels (stories, pictures, etc) and our business development with you.

As you can see, it is has been a while since I posted something here and I keep making promises that it will change. I promised that I would post more frequently. I don’t like making promised I can’t keep. I don’t like breaking a promise.

We want to focus our energy on one project at a time.  As for now, our focus is entirely on our business surrounding our German wedding website Hochzeitsportal24 (incl. app and book). Even though I am not posting anything here, I still think about it a lot. I feel guilty for not writing anymore. And that has to change. I could start writing again or I can officially stop or pause this blog. I decided to do the latter.

For now (or maybe forever) this blog will stay as is. All posts and images will still be up, but I won’t update it anymore. Maybe I’ll come back, maybe I won’t. So enjoy the articles that are already online.

You can still write me emails or on my facebook wall. I will take the time to answer if you have any questions or if you need some help with anything.

Sorry for not taking the time to deliver more content for you. Thanks for reading and supporting this blog so far. I hope you enjoyed it, while it lasted.




One thought on “Current Status of 4hours1000places”

  1. H’llo Raffael,
    just yesterday I heard your interview in Pat Flynn’s podcast (eps.24) while driving to my 9-to-5 job I’m really hating… And it is amazing, what you and your partners build up with your wedding-website as well as the life you are living. And I also appreciate the fact, that you didn’t make use of the “usual” niches like health, dating or money-making. So there is hope for me as well, that I would find a niche around creativity projects and writing, which could – and should – make it possible to leave the f***ing 9-to-5 slavery ;-). Thank’s for being a role model! I wish you ongoing success with your wedding portal and with further projects of yours…

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