Let the journey begin

What am I going to write? Is anyone going to read it? What can I offer that nobody else can offer?

These are all questions that postponed the start of this blog. The truth is, these questions are nothing more than the the little kid’s “What-if-nobody-likes-me”-anxiety before its first day in a new school. Well I finally decided not to let it bother me and start writing.

I will start this blog as my own personal diary on my way to be a successfully self employed lifestyle designer. I’m new to blogging, so please be patient with my blogs. I still need to learn to write for a broad audience.

Also, be patient with my spelling and grammar mistakes. I am not a native speaker. As you can read in my “About this blog”-page I am German. Actually I am even a German with a Russian background, so please don’t judge the quality of my blogging by grammar and maybe uncommon use of the english language.

I still have to use LEO (btw the best online English-German dictionary) from time to time, so if I write something that just doesn’t make sense, just leave a comment and I will try to make it clear. 🙂

So much for the start. Now…

… let the journey beginn!

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