Packing List for a Trip around the World

Packing List for a Round the World TripAlthough we are already on the road, there is still one post from our preparation that I haven’t posted, yet. As promised, I give you a full list of the stuff I packed in my backpack for our one year trip around the world. Including information about the weight of everything I have taken with me.

If you are looking for a list for you own trip, please keep in mind that all items are fit for our schedule and destinations. For example we only need very few warm clothes as we will not spend much time in cold weather.

We took some warm clothes for our first week in Beijing, but we took our oldest clothes with us so we can throw it out after we leave Beijing.

Deciding what to take proved to be quite a challenge.

More luxury – more weight

We tried to cut down as much weight as possible. I even weighed all my pants to know which ones are the lightest. We also bought special travel towels (GREAT decision) which weigh only on quarter of normal cotton towels. However, we didn’t want to go all the way minimalistic and we took some stuff that is a luxury, but worth the burden, e.g. the playing cards. We don’t need them, but we love to play cards.

I was really struggling with the decision to take my own fins with me. They weigh almost 2 kg and are really hard to pack. But I really didn’t want to be at a nice beach where we could snorkel and then having to borrow fins that don’t fit (my feet are huge!). And since my entire stuff, including a 3 kg backpack, only weighs 17.5 kg I decided to take them with me. Now I am at a total of 19.4 kg and probably after China I will have at least 1 kg less.

A world traveller’s packing list

Clothes, 6.2 kg

  • 1 sweatshirt (400g)
  • 7 cotton T-shirts (1660 g)
  • 1 polyesther sports shirt (130g)
  • 2 pairs of pants, long and light (670g)
  • 2 pair of short leisure pants (400 g)
  • 1 pair of short pants, nice enough to wear in a restaurant (240g)
  •  light hat (50 g)
  • 4 pairs of socks (180 g)
  • flip flops (320g)
  • windbreaker (440g)
  • 13 pairs of boxers (1150g)
  • Fila Skeletoes (620g)

Clothes (only for China) 0.6 kg

  • 1 sweatshirt – on body (450g)
  • 1 pair of jeans – on body
  • 1 pair of shoes – on body
  • 3 pairs of socks (160g)

Miscellaneous 2.5 kg

  • multi plug (75 g)
  • travel adaptor (90 g)
  • silk sleeping bag inlet (145 g)
  • mosquito net (680 g)
  • nylon thread 100m x 0,5 mm (50 g)
  • book: 1000 places to see before you die – cut up version (370g)
  • inflatable neck pillow (50g)
  • deck of cards (280 g)
  • sun glasses & case (140 g)
  • hygiene products: razor, razor blades, shaving cream, tooth brush, tooth paste, hair gum, contact lenses, deodorant, after shave,sun screen. Whenever possible I packed a travel size version. (1250g)
  • travel towels, one extra large, one small (250 g)

Diving Equipment 4.2 kg

  • Under Armour shirt (140 g)
  • neoprene dive shoes (135 g)
  • 20 l dry tube (680 g)
  • dive googles (305 g)
  • fins (1840 g)
  • snorkel (165 g)
  • 2 bathing shorts (300 g)
  • underwater camera case WP-DC42 (620g)

Computer & Other Stuff 3 kg

  • Laptop: Acer Aspire Timeline X 3820T (1990g) + charger (580g)
  • Smartphone: HTC Desire (160g) + charger (50g)
  • USB Headset (130g)
  • headphones (30g)
  • MP3 player + USB charger cable (50g)

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