Planning our next trip

We are planning a new, 6-month long trip, so it is time for a new blog post about our process of how we start planning our trips.

It’s been a while, since we posted here. Even though we haven’t even published all posts that are almost ready and marked as “draft”. I am not the one to find excuses, so I’ll try not to sound to apologetic. We just had a different focus the last few months since our return from our trip around the world. Since we came back, we

So we have been quite busy… However, we are planning a new trip, so let’s dive into our planning process:

Step 1: Where and how long do we want to go? What type of travel do we want?

We always start our planning with the thought of where to go. This determines everything else. If we want to go to a high price country, we probably won’t stay too long, whereas if we go to South East Asia, we might spend a few months there.

The next thought is the type of travel. Do we want to backpack, see lots of places or do we want to stay mainly in one place?

This time our trip is mainly business related. We will go to Phuket to work with our mastermind group for a week, then head to Bangkok for a conference and then well stay in Koh Tao for a few months, since we want to explore the possibility of building up a honeymoon and/or wedding website for Koh Tao.

Step 2: Find a flight

Finding a flight can be quite time consuming, if you want to find the cheapest airfare, especially if you are not going from big cities to big cities, but maybe want to fly to a smaller destination. We always use or ebookers.

Since we want to go to Phuket directly to save us the hassle of taking the bus from Bangkok, we are taking a flight from Amsterdam to Phuket and will fly back to Amsterdam from Bangkok. This saves us about 130€ in comparison to a flight from Frankfurt, which of course would be much closer.

Step 3: Find accommodation

If you go to South East Asia, you don’t have to find an accommodation beforehand, but I recommend, you find a place for at least one night, so you’ll know where to go and don’t have to worry about it on the first day. After that, just walk around and you”ll find the place you want to stay.

In SEA, you can book online, but the places are really cheap when booking directly, so you don’t have to. In other places, you can save yourself a lot of money by booking online. For higher priced destinations like London, I recommend Hostelworld (if you don’t mind hostels) or AirBnB (if you want something nicer and maybe even private).

For longer stays, like our planned trip, it is much easier to just go there and find something while you are there.

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