Sorry, We´re Open – Our best experiences in Asia

Sorry, we're open
Open or closed, the level of service is same, same

There are certain things, you can only find in Asia. Now that we have left Asia for Australia, it is time to reflect and share our best experiences with you. The best way to do that is by sharing the pictures with you.

If you have been following our blog for the last few months, you might recognize one picture or the other. But I really can’t see them often enough. They make me smile every single time.

Yeah, I know making fun of people not being able to speel coretly is unkul. I don’t care. It is so funny. I hope you “in joy” our pictures of the chicken friend, the tripical rain forest and the mice tours as much as we do.

We even got a little “Schmankerl” for our friends from Stuttgart.

Some strange things you might experience in Asia             (at least we did)

  • Order a beer and a white wine and get served a beer and plain rice.
  • Book a ticket on a bus and find out that 40 people plus at least one piece of luggage and spare tires don’t fit in a 20 seat bus.
  • Having to call the internet provider at a hotel to fix the Wifi and internet connection in a hotel you are staying in.
  • Being told “Drive carefully!” when you say, “I am going diving”.
  • Hitting our head when your looking at the ground and tripping when you are looking up or straight ahead.
  • Getting electrocuted by a lose cable hanging of a house.
  • Taking 10 minutes to find the courage to cross the street.
  • Not being able to order any food because you don’t speak the language and they don’t understand pointing towards the picture of what you want to order.
  • Not having to go to a club, because in some places you can dance in the parks in the evening.
  • Beds that are shorter than 1.80m (no, not for kids!).
  • Having your name spelled and pronounced in more ways than you could ever imagine.
  • Taking a taxi for a 400m ride because you are told it is way too far to walk.
  • If you are blonde (or just white) having people ask you to take a picture with them and kids staring at you.


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