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Seeing Australia with a campervan

There are lots of interesting ways to see Australia, one of the largest countries in the world. You could go from city to city by bus or train, hitchhike your way across the country or rent a car and sleep in a tent. We saw one guy who did the whole trip on his bike … Continue reading »

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2 of 1000: Barossa Valley and Hunter Valley, Australia

On our life long quest to see all 1000 Places To See Before You Die, we have already seen many places that are truly worth of being on that list. We have also seen places along the way that were so stunning and beautiful that we decided to put them on our own list. This … Continue reading »

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1 of 1000: Fraser Island, Australia

When someone tells you, that you will see the largest sand island in the world, you might think of sand dunes and dry land as far as your eyes can see. At least that’s what I expected to see when we went to Fraser Island (or Great Sandy National Park as it is also called). … Continue reading »

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Diving at the SS Yongala

When I told my diver friends in Koh Tao (Thailand) that I was going to Australia,  they all instantly told me to go diving at the wreck of the SS Yongala. I haven’t even heard about it before, but as it turned out, they were absolutely right. This dive site is one of the most … Continue reading »

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1 of 1000: The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Giant clams with a diameter of 1m, hundreds of different colorful fish, huge turtles and reef sharks all visible from the surface while snorkeling – there are only few places in the world where you can enjoy all of that in one day. And the Great Barrier Reef is one of them. Luckily for us, … Continue reading »

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