1 of 1000: Sydney Opera House and the Harbor

Opera house sydney
The famous opera house

We are in Australia. I can’t believe it. And we are up to 47 places out of the 1000 Places To See Before You Die. This one is the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor. As you might be used to by now, I will give you a short review of this place. And you will like the pictures. I promise.

Before we went out to see the city of Sydney, we spent a few days in the outer suburbs of Sydney where we booked a room through AirBnB in a private house. We had to kill some time before we get our campervan on 1st May. Continue reading 1 of 1000: Sydney Opera House and the Harbor

Beautiful Cambodia

masters of transportation, cambodia
Usual means of transportation in Cambodia

It has been a while since our last post, I know. By now we have actually been living in Thailand for more than a month, but I just enjoyed the beach and the diving a little too much to think about writing. But behold, here is the next article about our trip to Phnom Penh.

We have never been to Cambodia before, so we didn’t really know what to expect. I had heard that it is even less developed than Vietnam, which had me a bit worried. As it turned out, a less developed country sometimes isn’t a bad thing – and sometimes it can be really stressful. Continue reading Beautiful Cambodia

The Vietnam Experience

Sleeping near the street Vietnam
Old man sleeping near the street

We finally left Vietnam after more than 4 weeks in a country which most people only know because of the recent history – the Vietnam War. We found out that there is much more to Vietnam than just the war history, even though the history struck me while we were here.

In the recent post we spent so much time to describe the many places we have seen and didn’t take the time to tell more about the country itself. So as our final post about Vietnam we want to share with you the good, the bad and the crazy we have seen in Vietnam. Continue reading The Vietnam Experience

Packing List for a Trip around the World

Packing List for a Round the World TripAlthough we are already on the road, there is still one post from our preparation that I haven’t posted, yet. As promised, I give you a full list of the stuff I packed in my backpack for our one year trip around the world. Including information about the weight of everything I have taken with me.

If you are looking for a list for you own trip, please keep in mind that all items are fit for our schedule and destinations. For example we only need very few warm clothes as we will not spend much time in cold weather.

We took some warm clothes for our first week in Beijing, but we took our oldest clothes with us so we can throw it out after we leave Beijing.

Deciding what to take proved to be quite a challenge.

Continue reading Packing List for a Trip around the World

RTW Ticket is booked

It’s done! We booked our RTW ticket last week. Even though we spent countless hours (I’m guessing around 30h) researching in the Book & Fly tool from Star Alliance to find the perfect route. Someday I might write a post about the process of defining the perfect route for a RTW trip.

For today I just want to inform you about our trip and the route we will take.

Flight Schedule

TAKEOFF: October 21st, 2012

  • Start in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Flight to Beijing, China
  • Flight to Hong Kong, China
  • Flight to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • Land Travel to Bangkok, Thailand
  • (Extra Flight) to Manila, Philippines
  • (Extra Flight) back to Bangkok
  • Flight to Sydney, Australia
  • Flight to Auckland, New Zealand
  • Flight to San Franciso, California, USA
  • Flight to Seattle, Washington, USA
  • Flight to Vancouver, Canada
  • Flight to Winnipeg, Canada
  • Flight to Toronto, Canada
  • Flight to Chicago, USA
  • Flight to Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • Flight to New York, New York, USA
  • Flight to Frankfurt, Germany

Travel Itinerary

  • 1 week Beijing, China
  • 1 week Hong Kong, China
  • 2 weeks travelling through Vietnam
  • 1 week Phou Quoc, Vietnam
  • 1 week Cambodia
  • 1 week Ko Chang, Thailand
  • 1 week Koh Mak, Thailand
  • 1week Bangkok, Thailand
  • 8 weeks Koh Tao, Thailand where I become a Dive Master
  • 1 week Malaysia
  • 6 weeks South Thailand
  • 7 weeks Philippines
  • 8 weeks Australia (East Coast and Outback)
  • 2 weeks New Zealand
  • 1 week San Francisco
  • 1 week Seattle & Spokane, Washington, USA
  • 1 week Vancouver, Canada
  • 2 weeks Winnipeg, Canada
  •  1 week Toronto, Canada
  • 1 week Chicago, USA
  • 1 week Memphis, Tennessee, USA
  • 1 week Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  • 1 week New York, New York, USA